Web Developer by Day

I'm a full-time web application developer located in Arizona. As a full stack developer, my time is split between several technologies. My primary tools are:

• C#
• MVC / Razor
• Web API
• Web Forms
• Linq
• SQL Server / T-SQL

• Bootstrap
• JavaScript
• jQuery

Photographer by Night

I've always enjoyed nature. There is nothing like spending time in the middle of nowhere, exploring and hiking. Over the years, I've owned a few cheap cameras, too. In December, 2016, my first DSLR arrived, a Nikon D3400. Since then, I've added a few items and spent a lot of time learning. It amazes me what an inexpensive DSLR and a little homework can produce.

Below are two time lapse compilations. The first one, "Arizona Nightscapes Vol. II, was created from over 4,000 photos taken at eleven locations in Arizona during 2017. The second, "Imagine, A Night Sky Adventure", was created with photographs, mostly taken in 2018. Both run roughly 3 minutes in length.

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Merry Christmas

Christmas Lights, Rhema Park, Broken Arrow, OK



A Glimpse of the Desert South-West


Arizona Nightscapes Volume II


Imagine - A Night Sky Adventure