Jason Knarr

Web Application Developer, Amature Photographer. . . with a side of hiking.

Web Application Developer

I'm a full-time web application developer for an awesome company in Mesa, Arizona. We work with some of the best clients on the planet, raising money for them to serve the needs of the less fortunate all over the world. Most of my development time is spent integrating with payment processing merchants, building custom reporting and project management tools, and a host of other projects.

On occation, I do some freelance work. My specialty is integrating payment solutions with Websites. If you are looking for a developer to help you integrate a payment merchant with your website, contact me. I charge $120 an hour. me@jasonknarr.com

• Authorize.net
• Braintree Paymnets
• CyberSource
• PayPal
• Stripe Payments

Photography - Landscapes and Nightscapes

I've always enjoyed nature. There is nothing like spending time in the middle of nowhere, exploring and hiking. Over the years, I've owned a few cheap cameras, too. In December, 2016, my first DSLR arrived, a Nikon D3400. Since then, I've added a few items and spent a lot of time learning. It amazes me what an inexpensive DSLR and a little homework can produce. This timelapse is a compilation of over 4,000 photos taken at 11 different locations in Arizona.

Follow me online:
YouTube - Nightsky Adventures
Instagram - @CoderJay